How To Avoid Shoulder Problems — For Life!

Do you know the way in which many people end up tearing a rotator cuff? By reaching into the back seat of their car. Seriously! I know it sounds crazy but I see it all the time. And do you know why such a simple move can result is such a serious injury? Because it’s a move — a stretch, if you will — that many people haven’t performed in years.

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It Makes Sense To Improve Your Sense Of Balance. Here’s How.

Young or old, you can always benefit from a good sense of balance. If you’re younger, good balance helps you in everything from sports activities to chasing kids around. If you’re older, a good sense of balance is the key to avoiding a fall and the sometimes frightening effects of one.

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Shoulder Pain? Try This Simple Exercise.

Feeling a bit of shoulder pain? You might be avoiding the pain by limiting how far you move your shoulder. Is that a good solution? Absolutely not, and here’s why. Unused muscle can actually atrophy at a rate of two to three percent per day. Also, if you don’t use a joint’s full range of motion, the portion of the joint capsule and cartilage not in use lacks the hydration it needs to stay healthy.  Read More

How To Beat Lower Back Pain While You Work

Having a little lower back pain after working all day at the computer is as predictable as the sunrise. The problem is that we naturally and unconsciously begin to hunch over after just a few minutes at the keyboard. Read More

The Most Important Home Exercise

All right, raise your hand if you spend much time on a smartphone or a computer. Just as I thought – that is literally everyone over the age of two and under 90. As valuable as our devices are, though, they come with a cost, and I’m not talking about your cell phone bill. By spending hours per day looking down at a phone or hunched over leaning in toward your computer, you end up shortening your chest muscles and lengthening your back muscles. This is reflected in a problem I see all too often — forward head carry and curvature of the spine. Read More

Four Ways To Deal With Pain

Pain can range anywhere from a minor annoyance to a debilitating problem. If you have debilitating pain, don’t wait — we need to talk now!

But mild pain — the kind you might feel on any given day — is another story. It probably falls into one of two types: that which was caused by something you’ve done, and that which is recurring (and you don’t quite know what caused it). The first kind is normal — you may have spent all day cleaning out the garage, climbing up and down a ladder and lifting heavy boxes. No surprise there — you’re sore the next day! Pretty standard stuff.

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How To Heal Fast And Correctly

Ouch! What was that! A tweaked ankle? A twinge in your lower back? An old football injury back to say hello? No problem — if you suffer a minor or moderate injury, you’ll be back to normal in no time if you take care of yourself the right way.

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