Four Ways To Deal With Pain

Pain can range anywhere from a minor annoyance to a debilitating problem. If you have debilitating pain, don’t wait — we need to talk now!

But mild pain — the kind you might feel on any given day — is another story. It probably falls into one of two types: that which was caused by something you’ve done, and that which is recurring (and you don’t quite know what caused it). The first kind is normal — you may have spent all day cleaning out the garage, climbing up and down a ladder and lifting heavy boxes. No surprise there — you’re sore the next day! Pretty standard stuff.

Recurring pain without an obvious cause is different. It may be a sore knee, neck or lower back. It comes and goes seemingly for no reason at all or, worse yet, is always there. If you have pains like these, you’ll find that there are four ways to deal with them. All are pretty effective, but they all also have some nuances to them. For a quick overview about the four ways you can deal with recurring pain, see the short video.

And if you’d like to dig a little deeper into the cause of any pain you might have, give me a call — let’s figure it out!